get hooked on hook look lures....muskies do

Hook Look Glow 8.7


Use this Hook Look Glow bait just as the sunsets or before sun up to get their attention. It can also be used during the day time too.

 With a six step process, Hook Look Glow baits glow like no others. If you plan on evening fishing, leave the bait in the sun light. This first charge of natural light will allow the bait to glow for approximately 25 minutes, after that shine a flash light on the bait for about 30 seconds and the bait is good to glow for 10 to 15 minutes before the next charge. This whole bait glows, not just the blades.

Built on a .61 stainless steel wire

Two Colorado #8's

Speed enhancer bearing

Solid beads and body

Glow skirt with pink accent

Two hooks, #5 mid set and #7 Mustad treble 

7 1/2"    2  3/8oz