get hooked on hook look lures....muskies do

Quad 520 Silver


This bait can be casted with great ease but is designed for trolling.  With the new trolling laws starting in 2015, the

bait shops in northern Wisconsin have asked Hook Look Lures to make them trolling baits. These are known as

Quad baits and throw a lot of flash and vibration. This design is something the Muskies have not seen yet so it really

grabs and holds their attention. The Quad bait took many months of testing and design changes to get the action

we were looking for, at times the front blades rotate in the opposite direction of the rear blades giving a look like

no other bait on the market.  A special thanks goes out to Ron Heidenreich of Smokey's bait shop for his input on

this design.  So if you're looking for a new trolling bait look no more,  You've found it.  This bait  is built to take the punishment Musky inflict on a bait.

Built on a .61 stainless steel wire

Two #8 Colorado Nickel in front

Two #10 Maga Indiana Nickel midset

Solid beads and bodies Nickel

Two Mustad hooks, #7 midset #7 at the tail

Silver Flashabou

12" long  weights 4  5/8oz